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YOW CHWEN is a professional OEM manufacturer & supplier of protective gear for sports. We manufacture Sports Safety Protective Gear, Medical Supplies, Yoga Mat, Natural Rubber Products, Tennis Grip, Mouse Pad and Floor Mat. In recent years, we had developed a set of new flexible sandwich mesh. Its wide range of uses for yoga mat, medical elastic, shoe elastic, casual shoes, cup, corset, etc. Its characteristics are: good ventilation, washable, can be absorbent, lightweight material and good elasticity. As for OEM manufacturer, we have been selling well globally... more

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Knitted Sandwich Mesh- Knitting three layers with one-time weaving, non-general agglutination material, - It owns Excellent permeability, stretchability ...more
Yow Chwen industry Co., Ltd.’s patent M519977 "Yoga Mat", the is a yoga mat patented technology which consisting of a foam layer, a tension resistance layer and a light-transmitting & anti-slip layer. The foamed layer is fixed on the bottom surface of the tension-resistant layer, and is soft and elastic, so as to achieve a shock-absorbing effect. The anti-tension layer is fixed between the foam layer and the light-transmitting & anti-slip layer and has a tensile-resisting effect to prevent the yoga mat from excessively expanding and contracting due to the force. The light-transmitting & anti-slip layer is fixed on the top surface of the anti-tension layer, and the light-transmitting & anti-slip layer has non-slip property, which can prevent the user from slipping while performing movement on the yoga mat. It also has an opaque property, which exposes the color and embossing changes on the top surface of the layer, and the light-transmitting & anti-slip layer also prevents the top surface of the anti-tension layer from being worn and the color from coming off.
This product is added into the nano carbonized bamboo fiber. It has far nano-scale infrared technology and element of Anoin both could arise the temperature of body ... more